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Benefits of diversity

         BHP’s latest research shows our

         most inclusive and diverse teams                                                    67%

         have delivered 67 per cent fewer                                                   Fewer recordable

         recordable injuries, their sense of                                                    injuries

         pride is 21 per cent higher, they

         have 28 per cent lower unplanned                                                    21%

         absence rates, and have up to

         11 per cent higher planned and                                                      Higher sense
                                                                                                of pride

         scheduled work delivery.                                                           28%

         When we made our gender

         balance commitment in 2016,                                                        Lower unplanned
                                                                                             absence rates
         one in six employees was female

         (17.6 per cent). Today, almost one

         in four BHP employees is female

         (24.5 per cent).

             Diversity is only one side of the story

             BHP is committed to building an inclusive culture that respects and values all
             differences, including and beyond gender. We want our people to be able to
             bring their whole selves and ideas to work every day, in a workplace which
             helps support them to achieve the balance they may need at different
             stages of their careers.

             This includes making sure we provide a respectful work environment for all,
             free from bullying and any kind of harassment.

          BHP      Inclusion and diversity – Partnering for change   8  February 2020
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