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Our inclusion and diversity story so far

          The resources industry has        We developed a global inclusion   Since we announced our
          historically attracted and hired an   and diversity strategy to support   aspirational goal, our most
          overwhelmingly male dominated     the goal, with four commitments:   inclusive and diverse teams
          workforce for work often seen     Embedding flexible working;       are already outperforming other
          as physically demanding and       enabling our supply chain         teams on safety, culture and
          geographically remote.            partners; uncovering and taking   productivity. The goal is only
                                            steps to mitigate potential bias;   one part of this equation, but it’s
          Over the past decade, BHP,        and ensuring our brand and        critical. It has provided, and will
          like many organisations, has      industry are attractive to a diverse   continue to provide, enormous
          recognised the value of a more    range of people. Our sites and    business and community benefits.
          inclusive and diverse workforce.   offices around the globe also
          This includes greater innovation,   created Inclusion and Diversity   Of course, diversity is much more
          better risk management, higher    Councils and developed actionable   than gender. It’s a recognition
          workforce engagement and          plans aligned to these focus areas.   of our individual differences
          productivity, and stronger                                          including thinking styles, life and
          financial results.                We also have a global Indigenous   work experiences, ethnicity, race,
                                            Peoples strategy, which is        religion, sexual orientation, ability
          To accelerate our efforts, in 2016   delivered through region-specific   or disability, family and social
          we announced a bold aspirational   Indigenous Peoples plans. The    circumstances, and age.
          goal to reach gender balance      strategy is based on the four
          by 2025, to better reflect the    pillars of governance, economic   There’s still a long way to go to
          communities where we operate      empowerment, social and cultural   achieve our aspirations, but we’re
          and to leave a positive legacy    support, and public engagement.   excited about the future.
          for generations to come.
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          BHP      Inclusion and diversity – Partnering for change   6  February 2020
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