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Foreword by
                                                        Vandita Pant

                                                        We work with thousands of our supply partners and
                                                        stakeholders in different industries from all over the world.
                                                        I can’t think of a better opportunity to learn other than by real
                                                        life experiences about how we’re partnering for change on
                                                        inclusion and diversity.
                                                        The early results of what’s possible when like-minded companies
                                                        come together to make change happen are very promising.
                                                        We’re on the right path, but we know there’s a lot more we
                                                        can do, and much more we can learn.
                                                        We also know that when we share experiences, we can help
                                                        other companies in similar situations – or encourage others
                                                        to think differently by sharing examples of progress with them.
                                                        I believe we can all learn from each other, influence and add
                                                        value through storytelling, and I encourage you to share these
                                                        stories with your networks.

                                                        A big thank you to everybody who has worked with us to create
                                                        this unique collection of stories on ‘Partnering for change’.
                                                        Their support is testament to the real partnership of the
                                                        inclusion and diversity journey that we’re all on, together.
                                                        Vandita Pant
                                                        Chief Commercial Officer, BHP

                                            February 2020     3      Inclusion and diversity – Partnering for change      BHP
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