Page 6 - Inclusion and diversity – Partnering for change
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About Partnering for change

        “Encouraging and working

          with our supply chain partners

          to support our commitment

          to inclusion and diversity.”

          BHP’s inclusion and diversity commitment

          When BHP set an aspirational goal   We wanted to document this
          to reach gender balance by 2025,   progress in a collection of open
          it raised a number of questions   and honest stories that recognise
          – from crib rooms on site, to     what’s possible when like-minded
          corporate meeting rooms, as well   companies come together to
          as across the resources industry   create change for the better.
          around the world.                 We also want to share these
                                            unique experiences with other
          More than three years on, many    organisations in similar situations.
          important conversations have      There’s no better way to tell these
          since taken place about how we    stories than through the eyes
          can attract more women into the   of our trusted partners and
          resources industry, as well as how   our people.
          we can become more inclusive
          and diverse in all areas.
          Our inclusion and diversity
          commitments on page seven
          have presented not only a huge
          opportunity for us to improve and
          challenge ourselves, but also for
          our suppliers and other partners
          to influence bigger inclusion
          and diversity changes at their
          companies too.

          BHP      Inclusion and diversity – Partnering for change   4  February 2020
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