Page 12 - Inclusion and diversity – Partnering for change
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Working with our supply partners
          and stakeholders

          Our supply partners and           Changes such as encouraging our
          stakeholders are made up          supply partners to support greater
          of vendors, contractors and       diversity through ergonomic
          consultants. They make up         design and product development.
          approximately 60 per cent of      This includes working with our
          BHP’s workforce. We’re grateful    original equipment manufacturers
          for the significant contribution   to make the diggers and trucks
          they make to the overall success   they supply more accessible and
          of BHP, and appreciate the        safer to use by a wide range of
          important role they play with our   people, as well as making them
          inclusion and diversity progress.   easier to maintain.
          With an annual spend of more      The conversations never stop.
          than US$20 billion, we work in    There are many more untapped
          partnership with 9.000 supply     opportunities and ways we can
          partners to promote the values    improve inclusion and diversity
          and standards of behaviour we’ve   at BHP with the help of our
          committed to in Our Charter       suppliers and partners. They help
          and Our Code, and to follow       make our commitment to this
          Our Requirements for Supply.      critical area a reality.

          BHP’s Procurement team works
          closely with our supply partners
          to provide support and incentives
          to encourage them to increase the
          diversity of the workforces they
          make available to BHP, as well as
          influence other bigger changes.

          BHP      Inclusion and diversity – Partnering for change   10  February 2020
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